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Artwork guidelines

Tips for submitted artwork for large format printing.    Up|oad artwork.

  1. BulletUse Illustrator and make vector based output. Create images and link them into the document. Flattened files are not guaranteed.

  2. BulletSpecify critical PMS colors in the vector file using the PMS solid coated color chart. Files that cannot be manipulated cannot be color matched

  3. BulletStay away from overuse of transparencies. Color matching a transparency is impossible.

  4. BulletUsing even simple text/graphics effects on large files can create massive file sizes making even the smallest edit take hours. Edits needed on our end could accrue significant art charges.

  5. BulletCreate all art to size and check resolution. Most mistakes with resolution come from files reduced to a percentage causing resolution issues to go unnoticed. You are responsible for image resolution.

  6. BulletIf your file is over 1 gigabyte simplify your design using more vector output.



Optimal results are achieved with images printing between 125-150 DPI at final size. DO NOT rez-up images: this only pixelates the image more by adding artificial pixels. Please submit images at full size.


Due to different printers, ink and media, not all colors can be precisely duplicated.  We will do our best to come as close as possible to the colors you request.  We cannot guarantee exact color matches. We strongly recommend ordering a printed hard proof to approve any color matches.

We strongly suggest color hard proofs on the material prior to printing. While at an added cost and production time, proofs are the ONLY way of making sure color output is acceptable. Clients who waive hard proofs for any reason also waive their right to reprints. E-proofs supplied via email are not considered hard proofs. E-proofs are to be used for placement only, not for color or resolution.

Supply all digital files in CMYK. Files supplied in RGB will be converted. Color cannot be guaranteed on any converted RGB file.

If your project requires a Pantone color match, please reference a Pantone Solid Coated chart and make sure the color is included in your file.  You may also send us a printout as a guide.  Color matching and print proofs will add extra time to production, please plan accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: For a rich black us the following values (C: 70 M: 70 Y: 70 K: 100)



A digital printer will print color differently, even using the same printer profiles, from day to day. If you are ordering a print that needs to match one previously ordered we must have the previous print back to color match. While there is no way of guaranteeing an exact color match, having the previous print to reference is critical. You must indicate the previous order, and contact a customer service representative, to make us aware that a previous print match is required. Failure to provide the previous print and contact customer service will make it impossible to color match your previous print.



We can support both PC and Macintosh based files using:

  1. BulletPhotoshop CS5 – All versions up to CS5, Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts.

  2. BulletAdobe Illustrator CS5 – All versions up to CS5, Convert text to outlines, include all linked images (Do Not Embed Images)

The programs below are not recommended for large format printing and may not reproduce correctly.  Please export the file as an EPS or high resolution (High Quality Print setting) PDF suitable for large format printing.

  1. BulletIn-Design CS5 – All versions up to CS5, Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts. Convert text to outlines, include all images (Do Not Embed Images)

  2. BulletQuark Express - Use the “Save page as EPS” feature under the File menu.  Open EPS in Illustrator and convert text to outlines, include all images.  (Do Not Embed Images)

  3. BulletCorelDraw - Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts. Convert text to outlines, include all images (Do Not Embed Images)

Not Accepted:

  1. BulletMicrosoft Word

  2. BulletMicrosoft Publisher


Flat files cannot be modified at our facility, except for global color changes (i.e. brightness, contrast). A flat file is useful to verify layout and position but is not recommended as a print file. There can be no guarantee of output using flattened files.

Up|oad artwork.

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